A. K. Misra

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Although a number of nature inspired algorithms exist in literature to solve optimization problems, yet there is always a need of new algorithm which can search for optimum solution in minimum time. This paper proposes a new optimization algorithm for solving optimization problems. Proposed algorithm has been compared with existing algorithm like Genetic(More)
Natural phenomenon can be used to solve complex optimization problems with its excellent facts, functions, and phenomenon. In this paper, a survey on physics-based algorithm is done to show how these inspirations led to the solution of well-known optimization problem. The survey is focused on inspirations that are originated from physics, their formulation(More)
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is most widely used standard in the world for securing electronic mails. It promises for confidentiality, integrity and authentication to its users. These security services are provided at a cost of various cryptographic algorithms. Given a data, choosing particular algorithms for its security, according to the user requirements,(More)
Software estimation accuracy is one of the most difficult tasks for software developers. Defining the project estimated cost, duration and maintenance effort early in the development life cycle is greatest challenge to be achieved for software projects. Formal effort estimation models, like Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO) are limited by their inability to(More)
Establishing trust in a distributed computing environment is one of the most challenging and important aspects of cluster computing. Achieving optimal performance in clusters forces the migration of processes to other nodes. This is where trust comes into play. A secure trusted environment is needed in order to ascertain the credibility of the participating(More)
Many real life problems require optimization of more than one objective functions, these problems are known as multi-objective optimization problems. Although many algorithms are available in literature to solve these types of problems [2, 3, 4, 5, 21] but they treat every objective function equally. Sometimes, on the basis of problem to be optimized,(More)
One of the most critical tasks during the software development life cycle is that of estimating the effort and time involved in the development of the software product. Estimation may be performed by many ways such as: Expert judgments, Algorithmic effort estimation, Machine learning and Analogy-based estimation. In which Analogy-based software effort(More)
Software cost estimation accuracy is one of the biggest challenges in the field of software development for developer and customers. In general, many algorithmic models like Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO) are used to estimate cost but they have inability to deal with uncertainties related to software development environment and other factors influencing(More)
Mutation Testing is used as fault-based testing to overcome limitations of other testing approaches but it is recognized as expensive process. In mutation testing, a good test case is one that kills one or more mutants, by producing different mutant output from the original program. Evolutionary algorithms have been proved its suitability for reducing the(More)