A. K. Misra

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Weyuker properties have been suggested as a guiding tool in identification of a good and comprehensive complexity measure. In this paper, an attempt has been made to compare cognitive complexity measure in terms of nine Weyuker's properties with other complexity measures, such as McCabe's, Halstead's and Oviedo's complexity measures. Our intension is to(More)
The reconstitution of anti-viral cellular immunity following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is crucial in preventing cytomegalovirus (CMV)-associated complications. Thus immunological monitoring has emerged as an important tool to better target pre-emptive anti-viral therapies. However, traditional laboratory-based assays are too cumbersome(More)
The impact of awareness campaigns and behavioral responses on epidemic outbreaks has been reported at times. However, to what extent does the provision of awareness and behavioral changes affect the epidemic trajectory is unknown, but important from the public health standpoint. To address this question, we formulate a mathematical model to study the effect(More)
We have proposed and analyzed a nonlinear mathematical model for the spread of carrier dependent infectious diseases in a population with variable size structure including the role of vaccination. It is assumed that the susceptibles become infected by direct contact with infectives and/or by the carrier population present in the environment. The density of(More)
Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) is a paradigm in use by most of the software developers. In a multi component system, each component is a probable point of malfunction. Typical work to make such system more vigorous and safe are both brittle and time intense. A model has been designed for self-adaptive system that automates the component(More)
Keywords: Mathematical model Computer networks Malware Anti-malware Stability a b s t r a c t In an era with affluence of local area networks, the recurrent attacks of viruses and other malicious objects are undoubtedly an intruding threat. These malicious objects spread quickly through an unprotected network, corrupt the data and harm the nodes. To(More)