A. K. Misra

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Weyuker properties have been suggested as a guiding tool in identification of a good and comprehensive complexity measure. In this paper, an attempt has been made to compare cognitive complexity measure in terms of nine Weyuker's properties with other complexity measures, such as McCabe's, Halstead's and Oviedo's complexity measures. Our intension is to(More)
Keywords: Mathematical model Computer networks Malware Anti-malware Stability a b s t r a c t In an era with affluence of local area networks, the recurrent attacks of viruses and other malicious objects are undoubtedly an intruding threat. These malicious objects spread quickly through an unprotected network, corrupt the data and harm the nodes. To(More)
A nonlinear five-dimensional mathematical model is proposed and analyzed to study the removal of a gaseous pollutant and two different particulate matters by rain from the atmosphere of a city. The atmosphere, during rain, is assumed to consist of five interacting phases namely, the raindrops phase, the gaseous pollutant phase, its absorbed phase and the(More)
In this paper, a nonlinear model for the algal bloom in a lake caused by excessive flow of nutrients from domestic drainage and water runoff from agricultural fields, is proposed and analyzed. This model considers interactions of cumulative concentration of nutrients, density of algal population, density of detritus and concentration of dissolved oxygen in(More)
Hill rices (Oryza sativa L.) are direct seeded rices grown on hill slopes of different gradients. These landraces have evolved under rainfed and harsh environmental conditions and may possess genes governing adaptation traits such as tolerance to cold and moisture stress. In this study, 64 hill rice landraces were collected from the state of Arunachal(More)