A. K. Md. Ehsanes Saleh

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We present in this paper a modified bilateral filter that is able to enhance flow-like structure. The shape (contour) of the domain Gaussian filter can change adaptively according to the local orientation obtained from structure tensor. The resulting combined elliptical shaped Gaussian domain filter and range filter is demonstrated to be able to smooth out(More)
The rank and regression rank score tests of linear hypothesis in the linear regression model are modified for measurement error models. The modified tests are still distribution free. Some tests of linear subhypotheses are invariant to the nuisance parameter, others are based on the aligned ranks using the R-estimators. The asymptotic relative efficiencies(More)
This paper presents a novel pulsed I/V measurement methodology applied to HBTs characterization using very narrow 40 ns pulse widths. The measurement procedure consists in applying pulsed collector emitter voltages while driving the transistor base with constant DC currents. The proposed measurement technique is applied here to the characterization and(More)
This paper presents a four channel time-domain measurement system for the characterization of nonlinear microwave devices. This characterization system based on the use of a LSNA (Large Signal Network Analyzer) is fully calibrated. It allows the time domain waveforms characterization of non linear devices driven by broadband modulated signals. We perform(More)
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