A. K. Md. Ehsanes Saleh

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SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) is a watershed model that has been incorporated into USEPA’s modeling framework called BASINS used for total maximum daily load (TMDL) analysis. It is thus important that SWAT realistically simulate tile flow and pothole landscapes that are common in much of the Corn Belt and Great Lakes states. In this study, SWAT was(More)
A study was conducted to examine the effects of commercial thinning on hydrology and water quality of a 28-year old (in 2002) drained loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantation watershed (D3) using another adjacent watershed (D1) as a control. A paired watershed approach was used with data from two periods (1988-90 and 2000-02) for calibration and data from(More)
The rank and regression rank score tests of linear hypothesis in the linear regressionmodel are modified for measurement error models. The modified tests are still distribution free. Some tests of linear subhypotheses are invariant to the nuisance parameter, others are based on the aligned ranks using the R-estimators. The asymptotic relative efficiencies(More)
This study sought to assess the significance of the corrections introduced in the new CIEDE2000 color difference formula with respect to deltaE*ab. The purpose of which was to provide sounder knowledge, and hence more informed decision-making, about applying this new formula to dental resin composites. With two different hybrid composites, color differences(More)
PURPOSE To determine the influence of type of polymerization light on changes in color and translucency of resin composites. METHODS 16 shades of commercial composites were analyzed. Specimens were polymerized with quartz-tungsten-halogen (QTH) and light-emitting diode (LED) polymerization light. Color of non-polymerized and polymerized composites was(More)
Assessing the environmental impacts of fertilizer nitrogen (N) used to increase productivity in managed forests is complex due to a wide range of abiotic and biotic factors affecting its forms and movement. Models developed to predict fertilizer N fate (e.g., cycling processes) and water quality impacts vary widely in their design, scope, and potential(More)
The interplay of ferromagnetism and superconductivity is obviously a topic of great fundamental and practical interest. Specifically, weak ferromagnetism was recently reported to coexist with superconductivity in heavy-fermion specimens.1–3 Even more recently, the discovery that ferromagnetism exists together with superconductivity in high-temperature(More)
In this paper, we present explicit Painlevé test for the potential Boussinesq equation, The murrary equation, The (2 + 1) Calogero equation, The Rosenau – Hyman equation (RH), Cole – Hopf (CH) equation, The Fornberg – Whitham equation (FW), Some of these equations have shown to possess Painlevé property, therefore, are Painleve integrable while the rest did(More)