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The possible relationship of unsaturated fatty acids in adipose tissue to the formation of N-nitrosamines in bacon was evaluated by trials in which pigs were fed regular (control), tallow-, coconut fat- and corn oil-supplemented diets. Bacon prepared from pigs fed corn oil-supplemented diets contained significantly higher levels of N-nitrosopyrrolidine and(More)
The effect of administering liquid smoke or smoked food products to rats on in vivo formation of N-nitrosamino acids was investigated. Rats treated by gavage with either cysteine, formaldehyde or nitrite excreted urine containing no detectable levels of N-nitrosothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid (NTCA). All three precursor compounds were required for NTCA(More)
Human neutrophil elastase (HNE) is a serine proteinase capable of degrading a number of connective tissue macromolecules and has been implicated in the destructive processes associated with several chronic inflammatory diseases. A large series of peptidyl electrophilic ketones have been shown to be potent inhibitors of HNE in vitro and in vivo. We report(More)
ML-1035, 4-amino-5-chloro-2-[2-(methylsulfinyl)ethoxy]-N-[2- (diethyl-amino)ethyl]benzamide, is a sulfoxide compound and a racemic gastroprokinetic agent with a chiral center at the sulfur atom. We have investigated the disposition kinetics of (R)-ML-1035 sulfoxide (R) and (S)-ML-1035 sulfoxide (S) after the single enantiomers and the racemic mixture were(More)
ML-1035, is a gastroprokinetic agent structurally related to metoclopramide. Because ML-1035 contains an asymmetric chiral sulphoxide moiety, a chiral HPLC method has been developed to separate and quantitate its R- and S-enantiomers in plasma. The ML-1035 enantiomers present in plasma are extracted with dichloroethane under alkaline conditions, the extract(More)
A fully automated column-switching LC assay has been developed for the simultaneous determination of a gastroprokinetic agent, ML-1035 sulphoxide, and its sulphone and sulphide metabolites in rat urine. ML-1035 Sulphoxide is a metoclopramide analogue. The method involved direct injection of a diluted urine sample into a CN extraction column for sample(More)
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