A-K M Sjogren

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Monozygotic (MZ) twins discordant for complex diseases may help to find disease mechanisms that are not due to genetic variants. Intermittent allergic rhinitis (IAR) is an optimal disease model because it occurs at defined time points each year, owing to known external antigens. We hypothesized that MZ twins discordant for IAR could help to find gene(More)
derived mutations in IDH1 dominantly inhibit IDH1 catalytic activity and induce HIF-1alpha. Science 2009; 324: 261–265. 7 Dang L, White DW, Gross S, Bennett BD, Bittinger MA, Driggers EM et al. Cancer-associated IDH1 mutations produce 2-hydroxyglutarate. Nature 2009; 462: 739–744. 8 Sanada M, Suzuki T, Shih LY, Otsu M, Kato M, Yamazaki S et al.(More)
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