A. K. M. Najmul Islam

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The benefits from ICT investments materialize through sustained usage rather than initial acceptance. Hence, the amount of research on continued IT usage (IS continuance) employing the ExpectationConfirmation Model (ECM) has been increasing steadily in recent years. In this body of literature, empirical results regarding the correlations between the key(More)
Social Network Sites (SNS) are often characterized as a trade-off where users must give up privacy to gain social benefits. We investigated the alternative viewpoint that users gain the most benefits when SNSs give them the privacy they desire. Applying structural equation modeling to questionnaire data of 303 Facebook users, we examined the complex(More)
This paper explores the moderating role of perceived compatibility on the relationship between e-learning system use and its outcomes. We conceptualize e-learning outcomes using academic performance, perceived learning assistance, and perceived community building assistance. We further hypothesize that perceived compatibility moderates the relationships(More)
The research community has delivered many comprehensive instruments to measure user satisfaction and service quality. However, they may be tedious to deploy in industrial settings, often leading to low response rates. Industrial organizations are thus looking for simpler and more cost effective ways to measure both user satisfaction and service quality.(More)