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Starch branching enzyme IIb (SBEIIb) plays a crucial role in amylopectin biosynthesis in maize endosperm by defining the structural and functional properties of storage starch and is regulated by protein phosphorylation. Native and recombinant maize SBEIIb were used as substrates for amyloplast protein kinases to identify phosphorylation sites on the(More)
This paper is concerned with closing a gap in the process chain of metal forming. Tools for simulating the metal forming process like LS-DYNA® produce output geometries and stress information which cannot be easily re-imported in CAD-Systems or structure analysis programs for further processing. A concept has been developed and implemented with a(More)
Edible dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) that darken during postharvest storage are graded lower and are less marketable than their non-darkened counterparts. Seed coat darkening in susceptible genotypes is dependent upon the availability of proanthocyanidins, and their subsequent oxidation to reactive quinones. Mature cranberry beans lacking this(More)
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