A. K. Hennessey

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The prevalence and nature of bladder and bowel dysfunction were examined in a population-based study of 221 patients with multiple sclerosis who returned postal questionnaires. This preliminary investigation was supplemented by personal review which also provided information on sexual dysfunction in 174 and laboratory and urodynamic tests in 152(More)
BACKGROUND Patients increasingly use the Internet for gastric cancer information. However, the quality of the information is questionable. We evaluated the accuracy, completeness, accessibility, reliability, and readability of gastric cancer websites. METHODS The Internet was searched for the terms "gastric cancer" or "stomach cancer" using general search(More)
The trigeminal nerve is involved in the opening of the pharyngeal orifice of the Eustachian tube by operating the tensor veli palatini muscle. The hypothesis was investigated that middle ear effusion occurs in a more severe disease phenotype of canine trigeminal nerve mass lesions compared with dogs without middle ear effusion. Three observers reviewed(More)
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