A K Derdiarian

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The effects of an intervention consisting of information, referral, counseling, and follow-up care individualized to patient and spouse needs on satisfaction and coping were determined from data gathered from 30 recently diagnosed male cancer patients and their spouses. A control group of 30 recently diagnosed cancer patients and their spouses received(More)
BACKGROUND Data from New York State indicate that about 1 of every 33,000 red cell units transfused is ABO-incompatible with the recipient. National application of these data suggests that as many as 360 ABO-incompatible whole blood and red cell transfusions might occur annually in the United States. Phlebotomy and blood bank laboratory errors cause some of(More)
The major changes resulting from the AIDS diagnosis and illness were measured, described and classified in the Behavioural Systems Model's eight subsystems--achievement, affiliative, aggressiveness/protectiveness, dependence, ingestive, eliminative, restorative and sexual. Thirty male AIDS patients with Kaposi's Sarcoma were drawn as a convenience sample(More)