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absTraCT In this article the authors offer a faculty perspective on desirable features of a Course Management System (CMS). This article is the result of our Web teaching experiences over a period of eight years using three different CMS platforms. The authors anticipate that this article could help guide software developers in developing appropriate CMS(More)
Prices are subject to change without notification. The proliferation of Web-based technologies during the last decade may have given the impression of widespread changes in educational practices. In fact, we have only begun to scratch the surface of experiencing the vast impact these technologies could have on education. Viewed separately, Web-based(More)
Advances in information technology and explosion of internet technology is creating new professional users, across and within countries. These users are looking at technology to provide decision support for non-recurring tasks, to provide prototyping capabilities and to provide research support. However, organizational decision environment is also changing,(More)
Outsourcing is changing the decision-making environment. Tasks are becoming distributed and geographically dispersed. Groups must make decisions in a virtual environment. Virtual group collaboration efforts are quite different than face-to-face groups. Virtual group dynamics can be simulated from virtual groups used in web-based education (WBE). Both(More)