A.K. Agarwal

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A questionnaire on ECT, tapping attitudes, opinions and usage, was mailed to all medical members of the Indian Psychiatric Society whose addresses were known; 263 (28.8%) responded. This paper, the second in a series that presents the results of the survey, describes the practical administration of ECT. Specific issues discussed are the availability of a(More)
Distributed networked-controlled-systems (NCS) are a multidisciplinary effort whose aim is to produce a network structure and components that are capable of integrating sensors, actuators, communication, and control algorithms in a manner to suit real-time applications. They have been very popular and widely applied for many years now due to the rapid(More)
Insight plays an important role in the management of Schizophrenia. The study was undertaken to assess the cross-sectional relationship of clinical variables and psychopathology to insight, using the BPRS and the Insight Schedule. The study sample consisted of 59ICD-10 Schizophrenics with a mean duration of illness of 41.88 months. Insight was found to have(More)
In this paper, static and switching characteristics of a 1200 V 4H-silicon carbide (SiC) bipolar junction transistor (BJT) at a bus voltage of 600 V are reported for the first time. Comparison was made between the SiC BJT and a 1200 V Si insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). The experimental data show that the SiC BJT has much smaller conduction and(More)
Several studies have reported decreased platelet 5-HT uptake in patients of major depression. The present study was undertaken with the aim to study the active platelet 5-HT uptake in depressed patients and effect of treatment with imipramine/ECT on platelet 5-HT uptake in these patients. 30 patients of major depression and equal number of age and(More)
In an open trial, drug-resistant schizophrenics were treated with clozapine for sixteen weeks. The patients were rated on BPRS, PANSS, Side effects scale and Global Impression Scale at weeks 0. 9 and 16. A battery of base-line investigations were done, and hemogram was repeated at weekly intervals. Of the total 29 patient included. 25 completed the trial.(More)
Development of obsessive-compulsive symptoms during clozapine treatment in schizophrenics has been noted in few reports from west. In our cases, three schizophrenic patients resistant to typical antipsychotics developed obsessive-compulsive symptoms during clozapine treatment. Since clozapine is a potent 5-HT(2) receptor blocker, role of serotonergic(More)
"Pale conscience makes cowards of us all"-William Shakespeare Psychiatry is a rapidly developing specialty in India. There were only a handful of psychiatrists at the time of independence whereas now we have around 3000 psychiatrists in our country. The level of clinical practice and research has become appreciably high. However, the debate on ethical(More)