A. K. Agarwal

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—We propose modified random early detection (MRED) gateways for congestion avoidance in TCP/IP networks. MRED aims at providing better control over the burstiness level while remaining the advantages of RED. We use ns2 to simulate a series of network configurations and the numerical results demonstrate that MRED can achieve higher link utilization compared(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroid dysfunction is a common occurrence in pregnancy and affects both maternal and fetal outcomes. There are limited data on prevalence of hypothyroidism during pregnancy from India. Therefore, this study was designed to evaluate the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction especially hypothyroidism during first trimester in a large public hospital(More)
SUMMARY Sixty-two inmates of a children's home were examined by using a symptom check list and Hindi adaptation of Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale—Form LM (1960). A high proportion (69.4%) of th» inmates had one or other psychiatric problem. Mild mental retardation (I. Q.-50—70) was most common (40.3%), 11.3% were diagnosed as having unsocialized(More)
CONTEXT This article aims at demonstrating the effectiveness of day care centers in Indian setting. This is to provide impetus for an innovative approach in psychiatric practice in India. AIMS The aim was to narrate the experiences of a day care center being practiced in India. SETTINGS AND DESIGN The study provides the experiences gained in a day care(More)
Spiders of the Loxosceles species can cause dermonecrosis and acute kidney injury (AKI). Hemolysis, rhabdomyolysis and direct toxin-mediated renal damage have been postulated. There are very few reports of Loxoscelism from India. We report a case of AKI, hemolysis and a "gravitational" pattern of ulceration following the bite of the brown recluse spider(More)