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A new class of CED systems, providing insight into behaviour of physical disordered materials, is introduced. It includes systems in which the conditionally exponential decay property can be attached to each entity. A limit theorem for the normalized minimum of a CED system is proved. Employing diierent stable schemes the universal characteristics for the(More)
Keywords: Fractional calculus Anomalous diffusion Continuous time random walk Central limit theory Operator stable law a b s t r a c t In a continuous time random walk (CTRW), a random waiting time precedes each random jump. The CTRW is coupled if the waiting time and the subsequent jump are dependent random variables. The CTRW is used in physics to model(More)
We present a class of continuous-time random walks (CTRWs), in which random jumps are separated by random waiting times. The novel feature of these CTRWs is that the jumps are clustered. This introduces a coupled effect, with longer waiting times separating larger jump clusters. We show that the CTRW scaling limits are time-changed processes. Their(More)
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