A. Joseph Antos

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In this paper, we investigate pre-, postand symmetrical-dispersion compensation methods for 10/15Gb/s using different modulation formats like NRZ, RZ and RZ Super gaussian using standard and dispersion compensated fibers through computer simulations to optimize high data rate optical transmission. The influence of EDFA power of fiber has been studied to(More)
Transparency of a 91-km distributed erbium-doped fiber is achieved with 0.46 mW/km of pump power at a signal power of -12 d Bm. The accumulation of amplif ier noise is measured to be smaller than the minimum noise accumulation that can be achieved in a 91-km link with two lumped amplifiers separated by 45 km.
The reaction of β-dicarbonyl phenyliodonium ylides with diphenylketene at room temperature affords mixtures of lactone and aurone derivatives. The initial electrophilic attack of the iodonium ylide on the C(β) position of the diphenylketene, followed by cyclization of the zwitterionic species, and subsequent ejection of iodobenzene, affords the lactone and(More)
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