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A novel paradigm was developed to study the behavior of groups of networked people searching a problem space. The authors examined how different network structures affect the propagation of information in laboratory-created groups. Participants made numerical guesses and received scores that were also made available to their neighbors in the network. The(More)
[1] The fourth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) includes a comparison of observation-based and modeling-based estimates of the aerosol direct radiative forcing. In this comparison, satellite-based studies suggest a more negative aerosol direct radiative forcing than modeling studies. A previous satellite-based study,(More)
The IPSE 2.5 project is concerned with the problem of how computer systems can be used in the development of information systems. The project is being carried out under the UK Alvey Programme Software Engineering Strategy by a consortium comprising STC Technology Limited, International Computers Limited, University of Manchester, Dowty Defense and Air(More)
Tropical forests in the Caribbean are often subject to catastrophic disturbances by hurricanes. Despite the high frequency and intensity of hurricanes in this region, their effect on tropical forest dynamics remain poorly understood. In an effort to better understand the importance of hurricanes to a Puerto Rican tropical forest, we employ Bayesian(More)
When people make choices within a group, they are frequently influenced by the choices made by others. One reason for this is that the actions of other people changes the environment in which a person makes their choices. In many domains, initial pioneers reduce the costs for followers who subsequently pursue the same path. Our concrete instantiation of(More)
This paper looks at a number of issues relating to the malicious insider and the nature of motivation, loyalty and the type of attacks that occur. The paper also examines the changing environmental, social, cultural and business issues that have resulted in an increased exposure to the insider threat. The paper then discusses a range of measures that can be(More)
The current environment in higher education calls for more consideration of the linkages between ICT curriculum development, skills capabilities and industry, particularly in light of recent changes in quality and standards agencies. This paper evaluates ICT career progression visualisation methodology and has a threefold purpose: to contribute to a(More)
ZD1694 ('Tomudex'), a novel, direct and specific thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibitor, was developed in a collaborative research programme between Zeneca Pharmaceuticals and the Institute of Cancer Research (UK) and entered clinical trials in 1991; phase II studies began in 1992, using 3.0 mg m-2 every 3 weeks as a short 15 min infusion. Forty-six patients(More)