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Reliability analysis of passive systems mainly involves quantification of the margin to safety limits in probabilistic terms. For systems represented by complex models, propagating input uncertainty to get the response uncertainty and hence probability information requires intensive computational effort. Here a computationally efficient method for the(More)
Is there any point of principle that prohibits us from doing one or more forms of quantum information processing? It is now well known that an unknown quantum state can neither be copied nor deleted perfectly[1, 2]. Given a set of states which are not necessarily orthogonal, is it possible to compare any two states from the set, given some reasonable(More)
Air pollution has assumed a mammoth proportion in recent times because of causation of health hazards and loss of economic productivity of crop plants. The present study was carried out to assess the impact of cement klin dust pollution on some selected legume crops viz. Arachis hypogaea, Vigna mungo, V. radiate, Dolichos lablab and Cajanus cajan which are(More)
A study on the behavior of off-site AC power failure recovery times at three nuclear plant sites is presented. It is shown, that power law is appropriate for the representation of failure frequencyduration correlation function of off-site power failure events, based on simple assumptions about component failure and repair rates. It is also found that the(More)
WiMax(World Wide Interoperability for Microwave Access) provides high data rate over long distance wireless communication .Generally Wimax adapted OFDM (Orthogonal code division multiple access) architecture as transmission medium in IEEE 802.16 standard. Our aim is to analysis MC-CDMA (Multicarrier code division multiple access) based WiMax design and(More)
Present study, we utilized the bio–reductive potential of the Elaeagnus indica servett,fo the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). The green synthesized AgNPs was achieved at 80°C and found to be highly stable in room temperature for a month. The AgNPs was found to be spherical in shape with an average size of ~30nm in diameter. The AgNPs were(More)
The neutron spectrum at KAMINI reactor south beam tube end has been determined using multifoil activation method. This beam tube is being used for characterizing neutron attenuation of novel shield materials. Starting from a computed guess spectrum, the spectrum adjustment/unfolding procedure makes use of minimization of a modified constraint function(More)
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