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the premises of his study—the primary purpose of this article is to provide an updated report based on an expanded set of journals over a longer time period. Periodic reports such as this can serve at least three groups: Faculty productivity is measured, tabulated, and assessed. • Prospective students. There are now more than 150 doctoral programs and more(More)
It is ACM's 40th year and an old debate continues. Is computer science a science? An engineering discipline? Or merely a technology, an inventor and purveyor of computing commodities? What is the intellectual substance of the discipline? Is it lasting, or will it fade within a generation? Do core curricula in computer science and engineering accurately(More)
IFIP was founded in 1960 under the auspices of UNESCO, following the First World Computer Congress held in Paris the previous year. An umbrella organization for societies working in information processing, IFIP's aim is twofold: to support information processing within ist member countries and to encourage technology transfer to developing nations. As ist(More)
T here is no doubt we are witnessing a technology revolution that is shaping important aspects of our society. Education is no exception. Even the staunchest advocates of traditional teaching methods are finding themselves using e-mail to supplement office hours. Desktop computers are showing up in faculty offices, class sessions are held in computer labs,(More)
Many educational uses for the Internet and WWW have been proposed for enhancing education in computing courses as well as in courses of other disciplines. Some uses of the web have been quite successful and provide a positive contribution toward enhancing a course. However, other uses of the web may not provide benefits that are worth the effort that is(More)
Computer science in secondary schools is an area of increasing interest and concern to educators as well as to computer science professionals. Each of the next two reports addresses an issue of major importance regarding computer science in secondary schools. The first report recommends computer science courses for the secondary school curriculum, and the(More)
The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University is described, as are two ot its major programs, the Academic Nfiliates Program and the Industry Affiliates Program. The major project of the Education Division, a graduate curriculum in software engineering, is also discussed. The mission of the Software Engineering Institute is to serve the(More)