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In adaptation biology of the discovery of the intracellular osmolytes, the osmolytes are found to play a central role in cellular homeostasis and stress response. A number of models using these molecules are now poised to address a wide range of problems in biology. Here, a combination of biophysical measurements and molecular dynamics (MD) simulation(More)
The effect of aging on the ability of the liver to activate chemical procarcinogens was studied using 12-, 18-, and 27-month-old male Fischer F344 rats. The cytochrome P-450 content of the S9 and microsomal fractions of the liver decreased approximately 30% between 12 and 18 months of age. The structural conformation of cytochrome P-450 in microsomes from(More)
A complex polysaccharide accumulation was observed in the central nervous system (CNS) of rats treated with D-penicillamine similar to Lafora-like bodies. They have histochemical similarities comparable to bodies described in previous studies of Lafora disease. The clinical usefulness of D-penicillamine has been limited by many side effects including renal(More)
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