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A Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) consists of spatially distributed sensor to monitor physical conditions and pass their data through network to the sink node. Topology control is an important technique used in WSN to achieve energy conservation and extend network lifetime without affecting important network performance such as connectivity and throughput.(More)
Here, we discuss the influence of higher-order nonlinear effects like third-order dispersion, intra-pulse Raman scattering, and self-steepening effects on 1-ps soliton pulse shift or displacement from its initial position. The temporal shifts of soliton due to these higher-order nonlinear effects were studied numerically by “Method of Moments” to realize(More)
The varying presentations of neonatal breast enlargement on imaging have been underreported in the literature. Our case report profiles a 3-week-old female patient who presented with a history of left breast enlargement with redness and tenderness for 2 days, who was clinically diagnosed and managed for neonatal mastitis, which was actually a neonatal(More)
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