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This article outlines some of the principal issues in the development of numerical methods for the prediction of flows over aircraft and their use in the design process. These include the choice of an appropriate mathematical model, the design of shock-capturing algorithms, the treatment of complex geometric configurations, and shape modifications to(More)
Searches for transient astrophysical sources often reveal unexpected classes of objects that are useful physical laboratories. In a recent survey for pulsars and fast transients, we have uncovered four millisecond-duration radio transients all more than 40° from the Galactic plane. The bursts' properties indicate that they are of celestial rather than(More)
A direct and quantitative study of the effects of sublingually administered nitroglycerin on the major determinants of myocardial oxygen consumption was carried out in 10 patients, 7 with coronary artery disease. Left ventricular wall tension, estimates of the contractile state and heart rate were studied directly using simultaneous pressure measurements(More)
A mioderate reduction in the oxygen content of inspired air elicits an increase in the pulmonary arterial pressure in animals and man (1-5). It has been suggested that the catecholamines may be involved in this pressor response (6, 7). However, it is uncertain if this hypothesis applies to the effects of tolerable levels of hypoxia in man, since the(More)