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Prioritizing requirements helps the project team to understand which requirements are most important and most urgent. Based on this finding a software engineer can decide what to develop/implement in the first release and what on the coming releases. Prioritization is also a useful activity for decision making in other phases of software engineering like(More)
In Pattern recognition, ensembles of classifiers are used to increase the performance and accuracy of classification systems. The creation of ensembles, selection of base classifiers and combining the decisions of the classifiers is an active research area. In this paper we propose a method of ensemble creation that is based on fuzzy clustering (Fuzzy C(More)
Graphical user interface (GUI), is a graphical front-end to a software system, contains graphical objects with certain distinct values whose purpose is to ascertain the state of the GUI at any time. In order to ensure that the quality of the software is par excellence, software developing organizations endeavor to test the software meticulously.(More)
The restoration process of many known median based algorithms is effective for the images corrupted by high random valued impulse noise, but not efficient especially for real-time applications. We proposed a new modus-operandi; by utilizing the competence of the fast median filter into modified Directional Weighted Median filter (DWM), which can be used in(More)
Video segmentation has been and is likely to be an important component of the content-based video acquisition and retrieval systems. In this paper, we have proposed an video segmentation technique that uses Kohonan’s Self Organizing map (SOM) neural network for segmentation of color videos. It has been observed that, SOM training if performed on the(More)
Existing notations for modelling information and knowledge on business processes are arbitrarily assigned to intuitively meaningless symbols. These symbolic notations are bias towards the needs of technically engineered stakeholders. A hypothesis that a proposed set of notations, Norm Process Chart, are semantically clearer than these existing notations,(More)
In this paper a comparative analysis to the problem of impulse noise reduction in grey scale image is presented. The basic idea behind this analysis is the maximization of the similarities between pixels in a predefined filtering window. The comparison introduced to this median filter and adaptive filter lies in the establishment of parameters of the(More)