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—A human face does not only identify an individual but also communicates useful information about a person's emotional state. No wonder automatic face expression recognition has become an area of immense interest within the computer science, psychology, medicine and human-computer interaction research communities. Various feature extraction techniques based(More)
Brain tumor diagnosis is a very crucial task. This system provides an efficient and fast way for diagnosis of the brain tumor. Proposed system consists of multiple phases. First phase consists of texture feature extraction from brain MR images. Second phase classify brain images on the bases of these texture feature using ensemble base classifier. After(More)
Graphical user interface (GUI), is a graphical front-end to a software system , contains graphical objects with certain distinct values whose purpose is to ascertain the state of the GUI at any time. In order to ensure that the quality of the software is par excellence, software developing organizations endeavor to test the software meticulously.(More)
—In Pattern recognition, ensembles of classifiers are used to increase the performance and accuracy of classification systems. The creation of ensembles, selection of base classifiers and combining the decisions of the classifiers is an active research area. In this paper we propose a method of ensemble creation that is based on fuzzy clustering (Fuzzy C(More)
Existing notations for modelling information and knowledge on business processes are arbitrarily assigned to intuitively meaningless symbols. These symbolic notations are bias towards the needs of technically engineered stakeholders. A hypothesis that a proposed set of notations, Norm Process Chart, are semantically clearer than these existing notations,(More)
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