A. J. van der Eb

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Apoptin, a protein derived from chicken anemia virus, has previously been shown to induce apoptosis in a p53-independent and Bcl-2-stimulated manner in transformed and tumorigenic human cells but not in normal diploid human cells, suggesting that it is a potential agent for tumor therapy. Here we report that Apoptin can induce apoptosis in UV-C-irradiated(More)
BAG-1 has been identified as a Bcl-2-binding protein that inhibits apoptosis, either alone or in co-operation with Bcl-2. Here we show that BAG-1 inhibits p53- induced apoptosis in the human tumour cell line Saos-2. In contrast, BAG-1 was unable to inhibit the p53-independent pathway induced by apoptin, an apoptosis-inducing protein derived from chicken(More)
We have cloned the immediate-early serum-reponsive JE gene from the rat in order to study the regulation of this gene. We show that sequences of the JE promoter region confer serum-inducibility to a reporter gene. Analysis of the promoter in transient assays reveals that: i) the -141/-88 region is required for the response to the phorbol ester TPA, ii) the(More)
A tumor stems from the derailment of a single cell. Not unreasonably, it has been assumed that such a dysfunction is caused by somatic mutations inactivating one or more of the finely tuned regulatory systems that govern cellular systems. In recent years, however, it has become evident that in some cases the cancerous state is not due to inactivation but to(More)
Archaeological remains can provide concrete cases, making it possible to develop, refine or validate medico-legal techniques. In the case of the so-called 'Joan of Arc's relics' (a group of bone and archaeological remains known as the 'Bottle of Chinon'), 14 specialists analysed the samples such as a cadaver X of carbonised aspect: forensic anthropologist,(More)
7/89 MOLECULAR ANALYSIS OF GROWTH REGULATORY FUNCTIONS OF PAPILLOMAVIRUS ONCOGENES E6 AND E7 IN CERVICAL CANCER CELLS. M. yon Knebel Doeberitz, F. Aengeneyndt, U. Sch~fer, P. Jansen-Dtirr and D. Spitkovsky. The papillomavirus oncoproteins E6 and E7 interact with various cellular growth regulators including p53 and pRB. Their continuous expression is(More)
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