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Traditionally, nursing scholars have concerned themselves with philosophies of science. This perspective reflects the Platonic dominance of theory over practice. The consequence of this view is that technology is conceived as an applied science. Furthermore, technology is considered as a neutral instrument of science. The primacy of theory was challenged by(More)
  • A J Walters
  • 1994
This paper provides an hermeneutic analysis of comforting as it applies in critical care nursing practice. Comforting emerged as an important phenomenon of an Heideggerian phenomenological study of the lifeworld of eight critical care nurses (Walters, 1992, unpublished Ph.D. dissertation). This study described three other themes; focusing, balancing and(More)
This paper presents a comparison of the phenomenologies of Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger with the aim of highlighting some of the critical distinctions between these two 'schools' of phenomenology concerning the methodological implications of each approach for nursing research. Specifically, the paper examines: the implications of epistemology versus(More)
This paper describes a hermeneutic study of experiences of relatives of critically ill patients in the context of a large tertiary referral hospital in Sydney, Australia. The participants were 15 female family members of critically ill patients. Taped conversations between the researcher and participants were conducted and interpreted using Reinharz's(More)
This study explores the nature of clinical practice of eight expert nurses working in an intensive care unit. It is ontological and epistemologically grounded in Heideggerian phenomenological hermeneutics. This paper provides a description of the relevant Heideggerian concepts, in particular worldliness, understanding and care. The hermeneutic analysis(More)
  • A J Walters
  • 1996
This paper describes the lived experiences of clinical nurse consultants. The research approach was that of hermeneutic phenomenology, and the participants in the study were 10 clinical nurse consultants who work in a range of clinical specialty services in a large Sydney referral hospital. The paper provides a phenomenological account of two themes that(More)