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Degenerative disc disease is an irreversible process that leads to a loss of mechanical integrity and back pain in millions of people. In this report, (23)Na double-quantum-filtered (DQF) NMR spectroscopy is used to study disc tissues in two stages of degeneration. Initial results indicate that the (23)Na DQF signal may be useful for determining the degree(More)
Retroviruses selectively package two copies of their unspliced genomes by what appears to be a dimerization-dependent RNA packaging mechanism. Dimerization of human immunodeficiency virus Type-1 (HIV-1) genomes is initiated by “kissing” interactions between GC-rich palindromic loop residues of a conserved hairpin (DIS), and is indirectly promoted by(More)
The high speed uplink packet access (HSUPA) wireless standard requires extremely high-performance signal processing in the baseband receiver, the most challenging being the chip rate rake receiver. In this paper we describe the architectural enhancements on the IBM's PowerEN processor, to enable it to support the computational requirements of the rake(More)
Deuterium (2H) double-quantum filtered (DQF) NMR spectroscopy of nucleus pulposus (NP) tissues from human intervertebral discs is reported. The DQF spectral intensities, DQ build-up rates, and DQF-detected rotating-frame spin-lattice relaxation times are sensitive to the degree of hydration of the NP tissue, and display a monotonous correlation with age(More)
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