A. J. Ustariz-Farfan

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This paper presents a new technique to characterize electrical arc furnaces through the measurement of electric power, stationary and transient states, and the imbalance of these systems. The nonstationary behavior of the voltage and current signals in electric arc furnaces is considered, and analysis techniques of power quality in the time domain are used.(More)
This paper presents the results of a power quality study carried out in an industrial distribution system. The main objective of this study was to quantify the negative impact caused by voltage sags in industrial processes and its relationship to generated interruptions. A series of measurements of power quality variations were taken at the substation that(More)
Voltage sags can be measured by the probability to generate an interruption of a process or equipment. Such quantification is known as severity. Recently, the new standard IEEE Std 1564-2014 Guide for Voltage Sag Indices determines the indicators for assessing the severity of voltage sags and the method of its calculation as well. In this paper, its(More)
Assessing the impact on power quality due to electric vehicle charging implies to make of it a reliable process, including in the process the modeling of some basic elements involved in the process, such as the power grid, the charger and the battery. Each developed model must approach as close as possible to reality, including characteristic dynamics of(More)
Power quality management systems can provide information related with voltage sags as the duration, remnant voltage and affected phases associated with a point of measurement. Given a strong relation of these parameters with severity and energy indexes of voltage sags an improvement of the segmentation and characterization process is needed. For this reason(More)
This paper presents a proposal of MOSFETs series and parallel connections. This configuration allows the increase of maximum operating voltage and current values in these circuit breakers. The unbalance compensation method is performed at the side gate from a single active driver circuit. The mathematical formulation is done and the results are validated(More)
Electric arc furnace transformers are very important in the steel production industry. Currently, it is very common for companies to buy used transformers considering the huge investment that represents the acquisition of a new transformer and also the delay in the purchase transaction. Before accepting a commercial agreement and putting the transformer(More)
Transient behavior in grounding systems related to electric arc furnaces (EAF) might be studied using an approach to Kron's circuit model to solve Maxwell's differential equations in electromagnetic field theory. This paper presents a circuit model designed using Kron's approach implemented in alternative transient program (ATP). The model is suitable to(More)
Power system protection coordination plays the main role in the continuity of service in electrical systems. Incorrect settings may allow that repetitive failures occur before triggering an interruption. Consequently, it is necessary to identify the devices that clear a fault to assess its operation. The identification process can be achieved by a signature(More)