A J Spinella

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Traumatic anterolateral dislocation of the fibular head is an uncommon sports injury which is easily overlooked. Seventeen cases have been collected during private practice over the years. The typical mechanism of injury is a fall on the affected flexed knee with the leg adducted under the body and the ankle inverted. On physical examination there is an(More)
Adolescent athletic injuries are special in that they differ from those of the skeletally mature athlete in several respects. The physis is weaker than the ligaments, so that the typical mechanism of injury, which might be expected to result in a syndesmosis sprain of the ankle in adults with subsequent tearing of the ligaments, frequently causes an(More)
We feel peroneus brevis transfer is especially advantageous for patients interested in sports. We have used this technique in 55 athletes, and to date there have been no re-ruptures (Table 1). Two patients had mild superficial wound problems which did not affect the end result. This method has advantages in comparison with nonoperative treatment and other(More)
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