A. J. Rivera

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Logic programs may be construed as discrete-time and continuous-time dynamical systems with continuous states. Techniques for obtaining explicit formulations of such dynamical systems are presented and the computational performance of examples is presented. Extending 2-valued and n-valued logic to continuous-valued logic is shown to be unique, up to(More)
The bacterial communities present in smokeless tobacco (ST) products have not previously reported. In this study, we used Next Generation Sequencing to study the bacteria present in U.S.-made dry snuff, moist snuff and Sudanese toombak. Sample diversity and taxonomic abundances were investigated in these products. A total of 33 bacterial families from four(More)
The iterates TP (I) of the one-step consequence operator TP of a finite or infinite propositional normal logic program P applied to Herbrand interpretation I constitute a function t 7→ TP (I) from natural numbers to Herbrand interpretations. Without loss of generality, altering clause p← q1, . . . qm,¬r1, . . . ¬rn
Appreciation of the importance of the microbiome is increasing, as sequencing technology has made it possible to ascertain the microbial content of a variety of samples. Studies that sequence the 16S rRNA gene, ubiquitous in and nearly exclusive to bacteria, have proliferated in the medical literature. After sequences are binned into operational taxonomic(More)
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