A J Newman-Taylor

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Epidemiologic evidence suggests a link between morbidity and mortality and levels of particulate matter in the atmosphere. We studied the inflammatory response to inhalation of diesel exhaust particulates (DEP) in normal volunteers. DEP were collected from the exhaust of a stationary diesel engine and were resuspended in an exposure chamber. Ten nonsmoking(More)
BACKGROUND Isocyanates are the most frequent cause of occupational asthma in industrialized countries. OBJECTIVE We sought to investigate the utility of specific IgE measurement in the diagnosis of isocyanate-induced asthma. METHODS Fifty-eight of 101 patients referred for investigation were diagnosed as having isocyanate-induced occupational asthma by(More)
Fibrosing alveolitis associated with systemic sclerosis (FASSc) is considered to be histologically and radiologically indistinguishable from lone cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis (CFA). To date, the natural history of the two diseases has not been compared directly in large groups of patients followed at a single institution. We evaluated the survival of(More)
A simple and standardized test has been developed to measure airway responsiveness to cold dry air. This consists of stepwise increases in ventilation of dry subfreezing air at 10, 20, 40 and 60% of predicted indirect maximum breathing capacity (IMBC). For each step, the inhalation time was 3 min. The optimal time between the steps was 5 min. Exposure(More)
Five patients with respiratory disorders associated with hard metal exposure are described. In four patients electron microprobe analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage cells or lung tissue was used to show tungsten and other hard-metal components. Three patients had interstitial pneumonia and fibrosis with unusual multinucleate giant cells. Electron microscopy(More)
BACKGROUND Family size and high birth order were related to the prevalence of hayfever and positive skin prick test. However, this association may be explained by maternal atopy. We examined the relationship between maternal atopy and the number of offspring in three European cohorts of pregnant women. METHODS The mothers and their children (n = 1487)(More)
In the UK, since the mid 1980s, supermarkets have accounted for an increasing volume of bread production. Occupational asthma among employees who produce bread from raw ingredients in supermarkets has not been previously investigated. A cross-sectional survey was undertaken involving 239 (71%) employees from 20 different supermarket bakeries. The(More)