A. J. Moreno

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This study examined the influence of maternal preconceptions on child difficult temperament at 6 months and maternal sensitivity at 12-15 months and whether all 3 variables predicted children's empathy at 21-24 months. Within a low-income, ethnically diverse sample of 175 mother-child dyads, path models were tested with 3 empathy indices (prosocial,(More)
The hypothesis that aspects of current mother-infant interactions predict an infant's response to maternal infant-directed speech (IDS) was tested. Relative to infants of non-depressed mothers, those of depressed mothers acquired weaker voice-face associations in response to their own mothers' IDS in a conditioned-attention paradigm, although this was(More)
Bowlby and Ainsworth's theory of attachment poses that concurrent caregiving behavior is a key factor in influencing and maintaining a child's organization of secure-base behavior, and ultimately, security throughout childhood. Empirical demonstrations of the relation between the constructs after infancy are relatively scant and research is needed to(More)
We generalize the exact solution to the Bernoulli shift map. Under certain conditions, the generalized functions can produce unpredictable dynamics. We use the properties of the generalized functions to show that certain dynamical systems can generate random dynamics. For instance, the chaotic Chua's circuit coupled to a circuit with a noninvertible I–V(More)
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