A. J. M. Medved

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There has been substantial interest in obtaining a quantum-gravitational description of de Sitter space. However, any such attempts have encountered formidable obstacles, and new philosophical directions may be in order. One possibility, although somewhat speculative, would be to view the physical universe as a timelike hypersurface evolving in a(More)
We consider a brane universe in an asymptotically de Sitter background spacetime of arbitrary dimensionality. In particular, the bulk spacetime is described by a " topological de Sitter " solution, which has recently been investigated by Cai, Myung and Zhang. In the current study, we begin by showing that the brane evolution is described by Friedmann-like(More)
There has been some recent controversy regarding the Ruppeiner metrics that are induced by Reissner–Nordstrom (and Reissner–Nordstrom-like) black holes. Most infamously, why does this family of metrics turn out to be flat, how is this outcome to be physically understood, and can/should the formalism be suitably modified to induce curvature? In the current(More)
We consider one-loop quantum corrections to the thermodynamics of a black hole in generic 2-dimensional dilaton gravity. The classical action is the most general diffeomorphism invariant action in 1+1 space-time dimensions that contains a metric, dilaton, and Abelian gauge field, and having at most second derivatives of the fields. Quantum corrections are(More)
Recently, investigations have begun into a holographic duality for two-dimensional de Sitter space. In this paper, we evaluate the associated central charge, using a modified version of the canonical Hamiltonian method that was first advocated by Catelani et al. Our computation agrees with that of a prior work (Cadoni et al), but we argue that the method(More)
Some recent literature has considered the holographic-induced cosmology of a brane universe in the background of an anti-de Sitter-black hole geometry. In this regard, curved-brane scenarios have only just begun to receive attention. Our current interest is in a formal discrepancy that exists between two such works (hep-th/0111247 and hep-th/0111276). After(More)