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For many scalable parallel applications, the in-put/output (I/O) barrier rivals or exceeds that of computation and interprocessor communication. Consequently , scalable parallel secondary and tertiary storage systems are necessary to satisfy the resource demands of many national challenge problems. At present, one major challenge facing the designers of(More)
The genetic sequence variation of people from the Indian subcontinent who comprise one-quarter of the world's population, is not well described. We carried out whole genome sequencing of 168 South Asians, along with whole-exome sequencing of 147 South Asians to provide deeper characterisation of coding regions. We identify 12,962,155 autosomal sequence(More)
Intermedin/adrenomedullin-2 (IMD) is a member of the adrenomedullin/CGRP peptide family. Less is known about the distribution of IMD than for other family members within the mammalian cardiovascular system, particularly in humans. The aim was to evaluate plasma IMD levels in healthy subjects and patients with chronic heart failure. IMD and its precursor(More)
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