A J La Noce

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The Purkinje cell projection from the cardiovascular region of sublobule b of the uvula (medial area of zone A) has been investigated using anterograde tracing methods in the rabbit. The importance of the integrity of the identified pathways in mediating the cardiovascular responses from the uvula has been studied in subsequent lesioning experiments. Wheat(More)
The vertical vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) was recorded in dark-reared rabbits 3 months of age submitted in the dark to lateral sinusoidal oscillations of different frequencies and fixed amplitude. While the phase of the response was perfectly adequate to ensure head movements compensation, the gain values recorded showed a clear reduction with respect to(More)
The present study has investigated the effects of electrical stimulation of the cerebellar posterior cortex in the conscious rabbit. Stimulation of lobule IX (the uvula) elicited an increase in mean arterial blood pressure and heart rate, accompanied by EEG desynchronization, pupillary dilatation and a specific motor reaction, consisting of pricking of the(More)
The EMG responses of the vertical eye muscles have been recorded in alert intact rabbits submitted to both dynamic and static natural vestibular stimulations about different axes. Following dynamic vestibular stimulation, the phase lead of the EMG response with respect to head position as well as its sensitivity increased with stimulus frequency in all the(More)
Stimulation of a medial region of the cerebellar uvula cortex produces sympathetically mediated cardiovascular effects in the decerebrate rabbit. In the present study the afferents to this cerebellar area have been determined using electrophysiological and neuroanatomical methods. Field potentials of prevalent mossy origin evoked by single-shock stimulation(More)
Study objectives were to evaluate hepatic gluconeogenic enzyme gene expression in recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST)-treated lactating dairy cattle during heat stress (HS) or in thermal-neutral, pair-fed (PF) animals. Twenty-two multiparous (99 d in milk, 656 kg of BW) Holstein cows were subjected to 3 consecutive experimental periods (7 d each): (1)(More)
The horizontal vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) has been recorded electrooculographically in normal infants aged from one to four weeks and in older subjects submitted to sinusoidal oscillations (+/- 15 degrees, 0.05-0.5 Hz) in the dark. The analysis of the dynamic characteristics of the reflex indicates that, at least in the low frequency range, the VOR has(More)
The effect of ketamine has been tested on the phase of the vertical vestibulo-ocular reflex of rabbits sinusoidally oscillated at various frequencies. A significant phase lag, predominantly affecting the macular component of the reflex, was observed. This action resembles that induced by Nembutal in the same preparation. A specific action of ketamine on(More)
The characteristics of the control exerted by macular and ampullar vestibular receptors on oculomotor neurons (OMN) have been investigated by submitting unanesthetized, encéphale isolé rabbits to sinusoidal lateral tilts of varying frequencies (0.013-0.2 Hz). The phase of the response exhibited a progressive shift towards head velocity with increasing(More)
Rabbits were raised in complete darkness from birth to the age of 3 months. At this age, the animals were submitted to dynamic vestibular stimulation consisting of lateral sinusoidal oscillations of different frequencies and fixed amplitude. The vertical VOR, elicited in complete darkness, was then recorded. While the phase of the response was perfectly(More)