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the slab hydration source that permits refractory mantle to flow) that may have promoted the propagation of the CLSC to replace this system. Spreading in the Lau back-arc basin is at present well-organized, as at mid-ocean ridges 5,12 , but, as we have shown, the supply of magma is modulated by mantle wedge compositional controls and arc melt additions.(More)
erties, and thus leads to questions about the unconditional use of Darcy's Law for multiphase flow prob-Pore-scale multiphase flow experiments were developed to nonde-lems. Mortensen and coworkers used a quantitative light structively visualize water flow in a sample of porous material using X-ray microtomography. The samples were exposed to similar(More)
Driven primarily by scientific curiosity, but also by the potential applications of intense sources of coherent sound, researchers have targeted the phonon laser (saser) since the invention of the optical laser over 50 years ago. Here we fabricate a vertical cavity structure designed to operate as a saser oscillator device at a frequency of 325 GHz. It is(More)
We demonstrate heterodyne mixing of a 94 GHz millimetre wave photonic signal, supplied by a Gunn diode oscillator, with coherent acoustic waves of frequency ~100 GHz, generated by pulsed laser excitation of a semiconductor surface. The mixing takes place in a millimetre wave Schottky diode, and the intermediate frequency electrical signal is in the 1-12 GHz(More)
Van der Waals (vdW) layered crystals and heterostructures have attracted substantial interest for potential applications in a wide range of emerging technologies. An important, but often overlooked, consideration in the development of implementable devices is phonon transport through the structure interfaces. Here we report on the interface properties of(More)
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Phonon optics concerns operations with high-frequency acoustic waves in solid media in a similar way to how traditional optics operates with the light beams (i.e. photons). Phonon optics experiments with coherent terahertz and sub-terahertz phonons promise a revolution in various technical applications related to high-frequency acoustics, imaging, and heat(More)
The room temperature X-ray responses as functions of time of two n type cubic GaN Schottky diodes (200 μm and 400 μm diameters) are reported. The current densities as functions of time for both diodes showed fast turn-on transients and increases in current density when illuminated with X-ray photons of energy up to 35 keV. The diodes were also electrically(More)
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