A J H Vinck

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Spina bifida is a multifaceted neurological condition with complex neuropsychological sequelae. The cognitive outcome in spina bifida has frequently been attributed to the severity of the hydrocephalus. However, because of complex neuropathology, the influence of hydrocephalus alone does not sufficiently explain the deficits in the cognitive profile in(More)
The classical Viterbi decoder recursively finds the trellis path (codeword) closest to the received data. Given the received data the syndrome decoder first forms a syndrome, ·instead. Having found the syndrome, that only depends on the channel noise, a recursive algorithm like Viterbi's determines the noise sequence of minimum Hamming weight that can be a(More)
BACKGROUND Spina bifida is a complex neuroembryological disorder resulting from incomplete closure of the posterior neural tube. Morbidity in the different fields of motor and cognitive neurodevelopment is variable in nature and severity, and often hard to predict. AIMS The current study investigates the relationship between cognitive functioning, fine(More)
BACKGROUND Children with the severe form of spina bifida (SBM: spina bifida with myelomeningocele with accompanying hydrocephalus) may manifest attention deficits, and have a similar psychological profile to children with hydrocephalus due to other etiologies. It is unclear to what extent tests to assess attention in SBM are confounded by the accompanying(More)
Black pigmented conidia of Aspergillus niger give rise to micro-colonies when incubated in liquid shaken medium. These micro-colonies are heterogeneous with respect to gene expression and size. We here studied the biophysical properties of the conidia of a control strain and of strains in which the fwnA, olvA or brnA gene is inactivated. These strains form(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe cognitive and speech-language functioning of patients with ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) in relation to their deteriorating (oculo)motor function. DESIGN Observational case series. METHODS Cognitive functioning, language, speech and oral-motor functioning were examined in eight individuals with A-T (six boys, two girls), taking into(More)
Aspergillus niger forms aerial hyphae and conidiophores after a period of vegetative growth. The hyphae within the mycelium of A. niger are divided by septa. The central pore in these septa allows for cytoplasmic streaming. Here, we studied inter- and intra-compartmental streaming of the reporter protein GFP in A. niger. Expression of the gene encoding(More)
The class of Quasi-Cyclic Error Correcting Codes is investigated. It is shown that they contain many of the best known binary and nonbinary codes. Tables of rate 1/p and (p − 1)/p Quasi-Cyclic (QC) codes are constructed , which are a compilation of previously best known codes as well as many new codes constructed using exhaustive, and other more(More)
Pruned convolutional codes and Viterbi decoding using the Levenshtein distance metric applied to asynchronous noisy channels " , Moment balancing templates: constructions to add insertion/deletion correction capability to error correcting or constrained codes, " IEEE Moment balancing templates for spectral null codes, " IEEE Moment balancing templates for(More)