A. J. H. Vendrik

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In psychophysical experiments described previously we found that a stimulus surrounding a retinal scotoma fills in the scotoma instantaneously with its brightness and color. However, it takes a few seconds to fill in a black stabilized disk which is equally immobile with respect to the retina. An experiment carried out to investigate the cause of this(More)
1. Quasi-intracellular recordings from neurons in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat have been made. From these recordings the excitatory input of these neurons could be determined. 2. The experiments suggest, that the excitatory input of a geniculate neuron is originating from one single optic tract fibre. 3. The experiments were performed on(More)
1. Responses of cochlear nucleus neurons to stationary and amplitude modulated noise stimulation are investigated and compared with responses to tonal stimuli. 2. Cross-correlation functions, computed from responses to stationary noise stimulation, showing a clear oscillation could be most easily obtained from low CF fibres presumed to be auditory nerve(More)
Responses of colour-opponent X-cells to intensity-modulation at various wavelengths were obtained in the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) of the anaesthetized (N2O/O2) rhesus monkey. The gaussian white noise (GWN) analysis method was used to describe the stimulus-response relationship. Two different methods were used to estimate sign and relative strength(More)
LGN Y-cells in 3 anaesthetized (N2O/O2) and paralyzed rhesus monkeys were investigated with stimuli, intensity modulated by gaussian white noise, and with moving and counterphase modulated spatial sine wave gratings. The results support the model, postulated on the base of electrophysiological recordings in the retina of cat and mudpuppy, which consists of(More)