A. J. Garrido

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The worldwide demand for energy requires alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear fission, so renewable resources, particularly ocean energy, are called to play a relevant role in a near future. In particular, the oscillating water column (OWC) is one of the most promising devices to harness energy from the sea, as it is the case of the Nereida project(More)
Nuclear fusion has arisen as an alternative energy to avoid carbon dioxide emissions, being the tokamak a promising nuclear fusion reactor that uses a magnetic field to confine plasma in the shape of a torus. However, different kinds of magnetohydrodynamic instabilities may affect tokamak plasma equilibrium, causing severe reduction of particle confinement(More)
There is a worldwide interest in the use of renewable resources for the generation of electrical power. Between all renewable energy sources, ocean energy is the one that still has the furthest to go to achieve commercial maturity. As the most promising ocean energy that can be harnessed in the Basque Country is wave energy, the NEREIDA MOWC project,(More)
One of the main problems arising when dealing with Oscillating Water Column-based wave power generation plants equipped with Doubly-Fed Induction Generator, is the need of an adequate Fault-Ride-Through during voltage drops. In this paper it is proposed an innovative Fault-Ride-Through solution consisting of a control scheme that suitably coordinates the(More)
As a consequence of the continued increase in the worldwide demand of energy the need to achieve new sources of power has come out as a very important issue. In this sense, nuclear fusion has arisen to be a promising source of energy which has entailed an increasing interest in solving the different control problems existing in the nuclear fusion reactors(More)
Nuclear fusion still has to pass several milestones on its way to successful energy production, one of them being successful plasma stabilization. The present article presents an innovative control implementation related to plasma control for the generation of electricity with magnetically confined plasma. The implementation has been carried out over a(More)
Within the different types of on-shore wave-based ocean energy devices, Oscillating Water Column (OWC) converters are one of the widely used ones. This work deals with the modeling and simulation of OWC on-shore wave power plants. The study is particularized for the case of the Mutriku's MOWC power plant. The model for the wave, chamber and turbo-generator(More)
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