A. J. Brereton

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The growth and nitrate uptake characteristics of rape plants grown in soil at initial NO3 − concentrations of 1.54×10−2 M and 3.72×10−3 M are compared with those observed in solution culture at 10−2 M and 10−3 M. The relative growth rates and total nitrogen concentration of the soil grown plants were similar to those observed in solution culture. This(More)
Domestic cattle generally graze during the day although some night-time grazing also occurs. However, questions remain as to the effect of management on circadian grazing patterns. This study provides for the first time a quantification of seasonal, circadian and animal variation in grazing behaviour and grazing time in cattle in semi-wild conditions.The(More)
This paper explores the effects of variability in the amount of reference data used in quantifying the strength of speech evidence using numerical likelihood ratios (LRs). Monte Carlo simulations (MCS) are performed to generate synthetic data from a sample of existing raw local articulation rate (AR) data. LRs are computed as the number of reference(More)
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