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This paper describes a fuzzy rule-based approach applied for reconstruction of missing precipitation events. The working rules are formulated from a set of past observations using an adaptive algorithm. A case study is carried out using the data from three precipitation stations in northern Italy. The study evaluates the performance of this approach(More)
This paper presents a comparison of two methods of analysis of uncertainty arising from uncertain model parameters. The first method is Monte Carlo simulation that treats parameters as random variables bound to a given probabilistic distribution and evaluates the distribution of the resulting output. The second one is fuzzy logic-based alpha-cut analysis in(More)
The Base Flow Index (BFI) is used as a measure of the base flow characteristics of catchments. It provides a systematic way of assessing the proportion of base flow in the total runoff of a catchment. It indicates the influence of soil and geology on river flows, and is important for low flow studies. Nowadays extreme low flow events are more diligently(More)
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