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Eight MAbs have been developed against chordin and designated as At2-At9. It is shown that all antibodies are directed against identical, spatially overlapping or closely positioned epitopes of chordin. The chordin molecule has repetitive sites wherein epitopes for the eight MAbs are located. This site lies within a proteinase-resistant fragment of chordin,(More)
Neurochordins are a family of immunologically related high-Mr neural tissue glycoproteins. After SDS-agarose electrophoresis of human neural tissue extracts, two main neurochordins (A1 and B2) as well as several minor ones (O, A2, A3, B1, B3, C1, C2, D) were visualized on immunoblots stained with monoclonal antibody At5. Neurochordin expression starts in(More)
In a search for antigens immunologically related to chordin, a notochord-specific glycoprotein of sturgeneous fishes, extracts from 55 samples of human and rabbit tissues were tested for inhibition of [125I]chordin binding to rabbit polyclonal antibodies. The strongest inhibition was observed with brain extracts of both species. Human, chicken, rabbit, and(More)
The article is concerned with modern methods of assessment of arterial hypertension in patients with metabolic syndrome and characteristics of modern antihypertensive drugs and its combinations necessary for the elderly. The authors gave their own example of treatment of more than 2000 patients with arterial hypertension and metabolic syndrome.
Using immobilized monoclonal antibodies, a tissue-specific antigen, chordin, was isolated from cell extracts of giant sturgeon (beluga) notochord. The antigen was further purified by gel filtration through SP-Sephadex (pH 2.1) and gel chromatography on TSK Toyopearl HW-60. Purified chordin preparations contained 40% of protein and 60% of carbohydrates. The(More)
Conditions for fixation of different RNP (ribosomes, poliribosomes, informosomes) by glutaraldehyde and glyoxal for their subsequent analysis in CsCl density-gradient has been developed. Higher dialdehyde concentration and longer incubation time should be used for fixation of ribosomes and polyribosomes than for that of informosomes. For the fixation of all(More)
Chordin is a tissue-specific protein antigen of notochord. Earlier this protein was discovered in the notochords of sturgeon (Acipenseridae) species; the notochord-specific antigenic determinants were detected in the notochord residues of teleost fish species and in notochord derivatives (nuclei pulposi) of mammals. Using the RIA technique, extracts from 35(More)
Clinical features of arterial hypertension in patients with metabolic syndrome are described with reference to antihypertensive therapy and the choice of adequate drugs for the purpose. Characteristics of the most frequently used preparations are presented along with algorithms for their application depending on clinical condition. Advantages of combined(More)
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