A Iu Maksimov

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CCR5del32 Homozygous deletion in the chemokine receptor R5 gene provides almost complete protection to individuals against HIV infection. However, data relating to the protective effect forCCR5del32 heterozygous individuals have been contradictory. The frequency of theCCR5del32allele in population control cohorts was compared with that of a group of(More)
The study was designed to analyse the relationship between EGFR mutation and clinico-pathological features of lung adenocarcinoma in residents of southern Russia taking account oftheir age and sex, localization of the primary tumour, its cell differentiation, regional metastases, stage of disease and smoking status of the patients with mutant and wild-type(More)
Bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas, isolated from the water of the lakes Shira and Itkul (Republic of Khakassia, Russia) were shown to contain integrons of class 1 with gene cassettes, contained in the variable segment (sized 1 and 1.3 kb), were shown. Out of three detected integrons only one integron (in P. aeruginosa) included the sulfanilamide resistance(More)
In this review we present in short data of domestic and foreign studies on somatogenic delirium in patients with acute myocardial infarction and with other critical states. The review also contains definitions of basic conceptions, contemporary approaches to diagnosis and management of this complication.
To measure the volume of extracellular fluid, integral rheography is suggested. Investigations were carried out in 190 practically normal children aged 3 to 14 years. A well-defined reverse relationship was established between basic resistance and the volume of extracellular fluid. The given conclusion was confirmed by examination of children with the(More)
AIM To detect the integron-positive strains among nosocomial Acinetobacter spp. and to determine their relationship on the genotype level. MATERIALS AND METHODS Amplification by polymerase chain reaction using primers specific to sequences of the class 1 and 2 intergrons on the genomic DNA template followed by restriction fragments length polymorphism(More)
The genetic structure of A. baumannii hospital isolates, formed in the course of 2002 - 2004 in an intensive care unit for burn patients (St. Petersburg) was studied. The prolonged circulation of only some clonal strains was shown, 35% of the isolates belonged to dominating strains. Phenotypically, all cultures were characterized by resistance to the(More)
The genotype structure and silver sulfadiazine (SDS) resistance of a number of Acinetobacter baumanii strains that circulated for a prolonged period of time in burn UCUs were studied. The most resistant strain (SDS MIC 50 mcg/ml) contained a class 1 integron with the gene of sulfonamides resistance (sul1) in its genome. Possible reasons for selection of the(More)