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Algae, bacteria, and zooplankton were counted in samples drawn from 120- and 150-m high-rate algae ponds (those used for wastewater treatment). The fraction of nondegraded organic matter was estimated by comparing the ratio of biological and chemical oxygen demands and the bacterial, algal, and zooplankton counts to volatile suspended solids. With pond(More)
Relationships between leaf spectral reflectance at 400–900 nm and nitrogen levels in potato petioles and leaves were studied. Five nitrogen (N) fertilizer treatments were applied to build up levels of nitrogen variation in potato fields in Israel in spring 2006 and 2007. Reflectance of leaves was measured in the field over a spectral range of 400–900 nm.(More)
A methodology to estimate water status of palm trees from aerial thermal images was developed. Deficit irrigation of 80% in three drip-irrigated date-palm plots in the northern Dead Sea region was manipulated during the winter of 2007 and 2008. An uncooled thermal camera was used for extensive aerial imaging to detect palm trees and pure-canopy pixels by(More)
Potato yield and quality are highly dependent on an adequate supply of water. In this study, 3 years of information from thermal and RGB images were collected to evaluate water status in potato fields. Irrigation experiments were conducted in commercial potato fields (Desiree; drippers). Two water-deficit scenarios were tested: a short-term water deficit(More)
Thermal crop sensing technologies have potential as tools for monitoring and mapping crop water status. To create maps of water status from thermal images, a reliable relationship between direct water status measures like leaf water potential (LWP) and thermal water status measures like temperature and crop water stress index (CWSI) should be established(More)
Nonlinear optical modulation combined with simultaneous photonic and RF resonance in an LiNbO/sub 3/ microdisk modulator is used to create a self-homodyne photonic RF receiver. Carrier and sidebands are mixed in the optical domain, and the modulated optical signal is detected using a photodetector. The photodetector has a bandwidth matched to the baseband(More)
Seasonal investigations of methane distribution and rates of its oxidation and generation in the water column and sediments of the Black Sea northwestern shelf were carried out within the framework of the interdisciplinary projects "European River-Ocean Systems" (EROS-2000, EROS-21) and "Biogenic Gases Exchange in the Black Sea" (BigBlack) in August 1995,(More)
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