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A comparative influence of lectins on the attachment kinetics of erythroid cells (human erythrocytes and erythroleukemia cells K562) to glass formvar has been studied. It is shown that the inhibiting effect of wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) on the adhesion to glass is the same for both types of cells under study, whereas concanavalin A (Con-A) inhibits the(More)
Rapid local oscillations of the erythrocyte surface with amplitude 200-300 nm are decreased by 10 times following addition of wheat germ agglutinin (10(-77) M). In this case the rate of erythrocyte adhesion to the cover glass is delayed approximately by 3-9 times. The total suppression of erythrocyte surface oscillations occurs in hypo-osmic solution or in(More)
The transverse displacements of the human erythrocyte surface with amplitude 300-400 nm in the frequency range 0.2-30 Hz are recorded on the minimal area erythrocyte rim (approximately 0.5 X 0.5 microns). These local oscillations of the surface are diminished at hypoosmotic erythrocyte swelling, on addition of substances which increase the membrane rigidity(More)
The local transverse displacements of the cell surface within the frequency range of 0.2-30 Hz occur on animal cells attached to cover glass: fibroblasts 3T6, primary culture of rat cardiomyocytes, mouse lymphocytes, human macrophages and erythrocytes, frog erythrocytes. The area of the cell rim, moving transversely, is no more than 0.5 X 0.5 microns. The(More)
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