A. Incicchitti

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The highly radiopure 250 kg NaI(Tl) DAMA/ LIBRA set-up is running at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of the INFN. In this paper the first result obtained by exploiting the model independent annual modulation signature for Dark Matter (DM) particles is presented. It refers to an exposure of 0.53 ton×yr. The collected DAMA/LIBRA data satisfy all the many(More)
Ž . Data, collected by the ,100 kg NaI Tl DAMA set-up at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of I.N.F.N. during two Ž . further yearly cycles DAMArNaI-3 and DAMArNaI-4; statistics of 38475 kgPday , have been analysed in terms of WIMP annual modulation signature. The results agree with those previously achieved. The cumulative analysis of all the Ž .(More)
This paper summarizes in a simple and intuitive way why the neutrons, the muons and the solar neutrinos cannot give any significant contribution to the DAMA annual modulation results. A number of these elements have already been presented in individual papers; they are recalled here together with few simple considerations which demonstrate the incorrectness(More)
The DAMA experiments are running deep underground in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory. Several interesting results have been achieved so far. Here a maximum likelihood method to search for the WIMP annual modulation signature is discussed and applied to a set of preliminary test data collected with large mass highly radiopure NaI(Tl) detectors. Various(More)
The effect pointed out by A. B. Migdal in the 40's (hereafter named Migdal effect) has so far been usually neglected in the direct searches for WIMP Dark Matter candidates. This effect consists in the ionization and the excitation of bound atomic electrons induced by the recoiling atomic nucleus. In the present paper the related theoretical arguments are(More)
The DAMA/NaI setup of the DAMA experiment has been operative during seven annual cycles and has investigated several rare processes. In particular, it has been realised in order to investigate the model independent annual modulation signature for Dark Matter particles in the galactic halo. With the total exposure collected in the seven annual cycles (107731(More)
The DAMA/NaI experiment (≃ 100 kg highly radiopure NaI(Tl)) was proposed , designed and realised to effectively investigate in a model independent way the presence of a Dark Matter particle component in the galactic halo by exploiting the annual modulation signature. With a total exposure of 107731 kg · day, collected over seven annual cycles deep(More)
The ≃ 100 kg highly radiopure NaI(Tl) setup of the DAMA project (DAMA/NaI) took data over seven annual cycles up to July 2002 and has achieved results on various rare processes. Its main aim has actually been the exploitation of the model independent WIMP annual modulation signature. After this conference the total exposure, collected during the seven(More)