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Absrract:When the COCOMO cost model was published in the beginning of the eighties, software measurement was not grounded on solid theoretical foundations. This has been achieved until the nineties by Fenton ond others. Thus, it is not surprising that some of the concepts defined or used in the COCOMO model are somewhat incompatible with the software(More)
Association rule discovering is one of the most important procedures in data mining. Lattice theory paradigm has been successfully used for the association rule mining. In particular, the theoretical foundation based on the field of Galois lattice has been used in the design of efficient algorithm for mining the frequent itemsets in transactional database.(More)
Ce papier aborde la visualisation des règles d'association spatiales issues d'un processus de découverte de connaissances spatiales. La solution lo-gicielle développée est fondée sur la technologie web mapping, et permet de déployer la visualisation pour plusieurs acteurs décideurs. La navigation est rendue flexible grâce à un mécanisme de structuration(More)
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