A. Ichtev J. Hellendoorn

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A large number of studies have reported on the validity of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) screening procedures. An overall understanding of these studies’ findings cannot be based solely on the level of internal validity of each, since screening instruments might perform differently according to certain factors in different settings. Europe has led the(More)
In this paper, we address fault-tolerant control for non-linear plants. We perform soft fault detection and isolation for partial fault detection. A new method is proposed that combines model predictive controllers with fuzzy Takagi-Sugeno models. An example is presented to illustrate the functionality of the proposed approach. Keywords— Fault detection and(More)
In the current paper I will argue that the notion of affordances offers an alternative to theory of mind (ToM) approaches in studying social engagement in general and in explaining social engagement in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) specifically. Affordances are the possibilities for action offered by the environment. In contrast to ToM approaches, the(More)
In order to understand typical and atypical developmental trajectories it is important to assess how strengths or weaknesses in one domain may be affecting performance in other domains. This study examined longitudinal relations between early fine motor functioning, visuospatial cognition, exploration, and language development in preschool children with ASD(More)
The present study examined whether atypical visual processing is related to the level of social skills in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Thirty-eight young children with ASD (29 boys, 9 girls) were included. Atypical visual processing was assessed by coding the number of lateral glances and the amount of object grouping behavior on videotaped(More)
Background Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), once considered to be rare, are now reaching prevalence estimates of 1% and higher. Studies conducted in North America indicate large racial/ethnic disparities in the diagnosis of ASDs. Others show, that immigrant children have similar prevalence rates of ASDs as native children, although they are diagnosed later(More)
In this article, we hypothesize that individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are born with a deficit in invariance detection, which is a learning process whereby people and animals come to attend the relatively stable patterns or structural regularities in the changing stimulus array. This paper synthesizes a substantial body of research which(More)
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