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Factors affecting the term of the hospital confinement of schizophrenic patients were evaluated using the Automated Rehabilitation Information System (ARIS). The formalized files on 682 patients treated in the V. M. Bekhterev Institute, Leningrad, USSR) and several hospitals in the GDR were analyzed. From the 725 signs studied 53 common factors were(More)
The authors compared formalized case records contained in the data bank "Rehabilitative Automated Information System" (RAIS) for two groups of schizophrenics who have received a course of restorative therapy. The first group consists of 173 patients with A and B remissions, the second one, of 155 patients with D and C remissions and without remissions. The(More)
A total of 256 schizophrenics were examined for the effect of different variables on the duration of their hospital stay over the entire period of the disease. An analysis was performed with the help of the rehabilitation automated information system, using formalized case reports. The duration of hospitalization was shown to depend not only on the clinical(More)
The authors have compared standardized case reports contained in the data bank of "Rehabilitation Automatic Information System" of two groups of schizophrenic patients who received a course of rehabilitation therapy. The first group comprised 173 patients with A and B remissions; the second, 155 patients with C, D, O remissions. A total of 343 signs(More)
The aim of this study was to develop and validate a patient-rated questionnaire for the complex express-assessment of alcohol anosognosia. The questionnaire was tested in 106 inpatients diagnosed with alcohol dependence (ICD-10, item F10.2). The age of the study participants (M+/-SD) was 42.1+/-8.8 years, duration of alcohol dependence 11.3+/-7.0 years. The(More)
A dermatoglyphical study was conducted on 393 children and adolescents suffering from different forms of epilepsy. The group of epileptic patients compared to normals demonstrated more frequent existence of the transversal sulcus, less symmetricity on digital patterns. The authors distinguished correlations between dermatoglyphical features and a form of(More)
The rehabilitation automated information system was used to analyze the data of 768 formalized case reports of schizophrenia patients with a purpose of elaboration and control of the efficacy of the computing rules of individual prediction of the remission pattern. Two algorithms of image recognition were employed: a nonuniform statistical procedure and(More)
The rehabilitation automated information system (RAIS) developed at the V. M. Bekhterev Institute is described. The data on the patients and the process of their treatment and rehabilitation are coded in a formalized case history (a rehabilitation form). The experience with RAIS which already has a bank of data including over 1200 rehabilitation forms is(More)
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