A Ia Shurygin

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Effects of balis-2 on exploratory activity in the open field and elevated plus-maze, attention to sensory stimuli of different modalities, elaboration and retention of conditioned reflexes with food reinforcement, were studied in rats under stress. Prolonged treatment of rats with balis-2 seems to normalise integrative activity and metabolism of serotonine(More)
The effect of the baliz-2 drug (0.01%, 0.001%, 0.0001%) on the growth and differentiation of nervous tissue was studied on organotypic cultures of the sympathetic ganglia of newborn Wistar, Wag, August rats. The growth zone of explants in living cultures and histochemical stained preparations were analyzed for catecholamine-containing neurites. It has been(More)
The effect of the antibacterial preparation Balysum on the ultrastructure of S. aureus, as well as on the process of the formation of alpha-toxin and the secretion of plasmacoagulase in this organism, has been studied. Balysum at a concentration of 8% (as used in clinical practice) has been found to induce changes in the ultrastructure of S. aureus as early(More)
Peculiarities of immunomodulative action of different mice breeds' SK have been determined by changes of activity level of 5'-nucleotidase in macrophages from peritoneal exudate (MPE) and by changes of animals' sensitivity to staphylococcus infection. It has been established that the character of SK influence on activity level of 5'-nucleotidase in MPE and(More)
The influence of peptide fractions, discharged of kumys (SK) and a sour milk of Mechnikov (PMS) on some parameters of immunity experimental animal, transferred a stress is investigated. The outcomes of examinations have shown, that SK promotes correction of immune violations called by action of a stress. So the introduction SK animal one day prior to a(More)
The possibility of isolating DNA from yeast and actinomycete cells, previously exposed to enzymic disruption, was explored. The enzyme was produced from Actinomyces griseinus II. The highest yield of DNA from microbial cells was obtained as a result of detergent pretreatment of the yeast and actinomycetes and subsequent disruption of cell walls with the(More)
There was investigated that the change of isoenzyme spectrum of laktatdegidrogenaze (LDG) in the dynamic of rats skin wounds healing, and also the activity of some antioxidative enzymes and the accumulation of one lipid peroxidation product (LJO). It was discovered that the enzyme spectrum LDG was reconstructed faster with treated animals by SK preparation.(More)
Reparative processes in the sciatic nerve of rats were studied by histological methods after a cryogenic injury with a combined and separate action of drugs Lactovit and Balise-2. The animals were divided into 5 groups: I--intact animals; II--control animals; III--animals treated with Balise-2; IV--animals treated with Lactovit; V--animals treated with both(More)