A. I. Volozhin

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The book contains data about the functions and the metabolism of mineralized tissues, and the results of investigations of bone tissue and calcium metabolism during manned space missions and ground-based simulations. Consideration is given to the bone strength characteristics under experimental hypo- and hypergravity. The role of hormonal and(More)
We compared the morphology and differentiation capacity of human stromal cells derived from bone marrow (BMSC), adipose tissue (ATSC), hair follicle dermal papilla (DPC) and dermal fibroblasts (DFb). All cells have fibroblast-like morphology. ATSC and DPC cells expressed stem cell the surface markers CD105, CD49d, and STRO-1, which were revealed(More)
Dysbiotic shifts in intestinal and integumentary microflora were studied in 10 test-subjectes during 7-day "dry" immersion. Essentially every test-subject reduced significantly fecal lactoflora and developed dysbiotic shifts in the microbial landscape of various types of integument. Pharyngeal microflora was analyzed in 22 normal volunteers for 7-day "dry"(More)
This paper describes the laser photopolymerization of a liquid mixture of polyfunctional acrylic monomers, photoinitiator and hydroxyapatite (HA). Pure polymeric and composite materials of specific shape and structure were fabricated by laser stereolithography based on images derived from three-dimensional (3D) computer modeling. The polymeric objects then(More)
Three groups of biostable composite materials were studied. The initial binder polymers (polymethylmethacrylate, polyamide-12, superhigh-molecular-weight polyethylene) and hydroxyapatite-containing composites on the basis of these polymers were tested. Biostable polymers, including those containing hydroxyapatite, were nontoxic for fibroblasts and(More)
Periodontal dressing consisting of collagen and Lactobacillus casei 37 cell suspension (cell concentration 108 cells/ml) was created and used in combined treatment of patients with chronic generalized parodontitis. Efficacy of the developed isolation was explained by a considerable decrease of the number and frequency of isolation of aggressive microbial(More)
We studied pharyngeal microflora in 22 healthy volunteers after 7-day dry immersion. For prophylactic pharyngeal dysbiosis, we used two probiotic drugs: oral -- "lactobacterin dry" and local --"lactobacterin immobilized on collagen". Administration of oral probiotic was accompanied with growth of pharyngeal opportunistic microflora preventing translocation(More)
A total of 104 subject were investigated and divided into 3 groups: 1. virtually healthy, without any clinical sign of periodontal inflammation; 2. periodontitis patients without internal organs affliction; 3. patients with renal pathology in which periodontitis was a concomitant disease. Biochemical investigation of the blood, oral and gingival fluids was(More)
We compared the morphology and differentiation characteristics of the human cells from bone marrow, adipose tissue, hair papilla and skin dermis. All cell types showed fibroblastic morphology. Immunofluorescent analysis showed that adipose tissue derived stem cells (ADAS) and hair papilla cells (HPC) expressed CD105, CD49d and STRO-1, bone marrow(More)