A. I. Vengerovskii

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Silymarin (70 mg/kg) and succinic acid (50 mg/kg) reduce blood glucose and cholesterol concentrations, inhibit LPO, and correct oxidative phosphorylation disturbances in liver mitochondria in experimental diabetes mellitus induced by injection of streptozotocin (65 mg/kg) in rats.
Histochemical changes in the heart, liver and kidneys and ultrastructural disorders in cardiomyocytes were studied in 40 white rats with adjuvant disease. Mucoid lesions, hydropyc dystrophy and necribiosis of muscle cells developed in the heart, diffuse extra-intracapillary glomerulonephritis in combination with nephrosis in the kidneys. In the liver,(More)
Choline-positive neuroprotectors citicoline and choline alfoscerate decreased blood concentration of protein S100 in clinical trial on 52 patients in the first days after acute ischemic stroke. Neuroprotective therapy has also produced stabilization of blood-brain barrier.
The influence of vinpocetine (cavinton) on endothelium function in 87 patients with chronic cerebral ischemia has been studied. Vinpocetine exerts an endothelium protective effect which appears as a partial renewal of endothelium-dependent vasodilatation and inhibition of rejection of Willebrand factor during arteriovenous occlusion test. Leveling of(More)
In recent years, specialists of the Pacific-Ocean Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (Vladivostok) have performed an extensive search for natural antioxidants among medicinal plants of Far-Eastern flora. Several promising species have been found, which contain effective antioxidants belonging to the class of polyphenols. The most interesting medicinal plant(More)
The experiments on rats with a model acute pancreatitis showed that hepatoprotectors containing phospholipids (eplir and essentiale) improve the parameters of metabolism and the functions and histological characteristics of the pancreas and liver. Both drugs produced an antioxidant effect, decreased the activity of alpha-amylase, lipase, enzymes of hepatic(More)
Acute pancreatitis in rats caused by cooling of the pancreas with chloroethyl is characterized by the development of focal necrosis and activation of lipid peroxidation in the liver, activation of blood aminotransferase and acid and alkaline phosphatase, and increase in total and indirect bilirubin concentrations.
Bisphosphonates are chemical analogs of isoprene lipids, which competitively decrease the activity of farnesyl diphosphate synthase in osteoclasts and thus retard prenylation. The non-prenylated small GTPases cannot attach to the membrane of osteoclasts, which decreases their resorptive function and accelerates apoptosis. Strontium ranelate activates the(More)