A I Sugawara

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This investigation examined children's memory for stereotypic and reverse-stereotypic sex role content in their reading material. In experiment 1, lists of traits and behaviors deemed typical of boys and girls were obtained from 2 classrooms of fifth-grade students. 4 experimental stories were developed from these lists of stereotypic items, each depicting(More)
The relationships among age, motor age, and perceived competence of 31 preschool children were explored. The Peabody Motor Developmental Scales and the Pictorial Scale of Perceived Competence and Social Acceptance assessed children's motor age and perceived competence, respectively. Stepwise regression analyses indicated that age followed by perceived(More)
This study examined the associations between mothers' estimates of both hearing family members' competence in sign language and their deaf child's loneliness. 32 mothers of children who functioned as deaf were asked to assess their hearing family members' competence in sign language and to complete the UCLA Loneliness Scale for an estimate of their deaf(More)
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